Sunday, October 9, 2011

American Spectator's Patrick Howley Infiltrates Occupy Anarchy DC

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A leftist blogger over at Fire Dog Lake, accuses Patrick Howley of being an "agent provocateur" at the storming the Smithsonian event. From Howley's own account, that doesn't seem to be the case:

The fastest-running protesters charged up the steps of Washington's National Air and Space Museum Saturday afternoon to infiltrate the building and hang banners on the "shameful" exhibits promoting American imperialism. As the white-uniformed security guards hurried to physically block the entrances, only a select few -- myself, for journalistic purposes, included -- kept charging forward.

Roughly one hundred protesters marched on the Air and Space Museum Saturday, following a planned assembly held the night before in Freedom Plaza. At that assembly, the "Action Committee" for the protest movement organized by suggested storming the museum in order to state their opposition to American militarism, which they perceive as a root cause of the federal deficit. The marchers started out in the early afternoon, and after a roughly half-hour parade through the streets of D.C. they reached their target. As the museum doors approached, all of a sudden liberal shoes started marching less forcefully, and the crowd split into two factions -- those rushing the doors, and those staying behind.

So, he didn't provoke them to storm the museum, and it sounds like he was caught up in some of the pushing and pepperspraying, but nothing suggests that he was instigating it, other than some disgruntled leftie saying "Conservatives made us do it!"

Sounds much like a tempest in a(n unwashed) teacup.

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