Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Finally Got my A/C Fixed!

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Who knew you had to put ice in the chest?

Some of you know, my A/C went out on the very last really hot day of the year at the end of August, so I have not been suffering in silence or otherwise, but it seems like every weekend in September was an adventure in finding the right part, ordering the right part, ordering the parts you needed in addition to the right part, disassembling a little more and reordering the other part you thought was the right part. The joy of "doing it yourself".

"Whatcha doin' this weekend?"

"Working on the A/C."

Today, I installed the last part, hit the switch and, even though my living room is six degrees cooler than the thermostat is normally set for, it fired up and purred like a kitten!

On a related note, I fully expect a meteor to hit my house before I need to use the A/C again.


  1. When I was growing up in Minnesota we used to put bowls of ice cubes in front of a little fan. Your rig looks way better.

  2. Nah. I'm too lazy to string all that tubing! However, if I'd known how much monkey business was involved in fixing the old one, I might have been tempted!

    I good Minnesota girl,eh? I visited MN a few times when I was working for 3M. It is lovely in the Spring and Fall, but the B-29 sized mosquitoes in the summer are usually killed off by the first fifteen feet of snow in the winter! You betcha!

  3. You needed to order parts to fix your A/C?
    I thought you'd use your MacGyver-like skills and grab a shoelace, an empty tuna can and some duct tape to get the job done.

    So whatcha doin' next weekend?

  4. Uncanny! How did you know?? Unfortunately, the shoe lace was too short, the tuna can was Starkist and I need Chicken of the Sea and I'd run out of duct tape after loaning some to NASA for Obama's new and improved space program.

  5. Next weekend is still up in the air... unless you had something in mind???

  6. I sure do! You bring the Twister mat, I'll bring the jar of Nutella.

  7. I'm not much of a betting man, but it seems to me it's hard to beat the spread!


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