Sunday, October 2, 2011

Obama Fried Chicken?

The Chinese are not world renowned for respecting copyright and intellectual property distinctions. Still, it looks like someone is ripping off Colonel Sanders and using a caricature of Obama to do it. Hence the "O" in "OFC"?

Or is this, perhaps, a partial payback on our Chinese debt?

Don't let Michelle find out Barry's fronting for fried foods!

"You definitely DON'T want fries with that!"

H/T Memeorandum


  1. Here's your two piece extra crispy and your... (wait for it, wait for it....) CHANGE!!!

    And they say he's not creating jobs....

  2. "Taste we can believe in."

    YES WE CAN (get all of the daily recommended allowance of sodium and saturated fat in one meal)!!!

  3. They must have derived that caricature from a photo of him while smoking weed. He's got "Chinese eyes".

  4. Mrs. C: There was an apocryphal story about a KFC that ran a "Hillary Special": Two small breasts, two left wings, and two fat thighs. But, I couldn't swear that it was true.

    spart: Yeah. That looks like Obama doing his Charlie Chan impersonation.


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