Thursday, October 13, 2011

Romney Credits Ted Kennedy as a "Father" of Romneycare -video

This bit of video, a reminder of an embarrassing piece of Mitt's history (Mittstory?) is not going to endear him to conservatives.

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  1. This is where these fence-setting middle grounders always run into trouble... he should have just said RomneyCare was a mistake instead of defending it as a 'states rights' and other diversionary BS- now he has to defend everything he said or did (and with whom) regarding the bill.

    I'm sure he wishes he'd never sponsored it now, but not honest enough to admit it... instead tries to come up with lame excuses he thinks will make everybody like him

  2. Yeah. To most conservatives, it looks like Mitt doubled down on stupid and then doubled down again, by not apologizing for being the architect of the RomneyCare, and then defending it.

    I went into a little more detail in Mitt's Last Stand,, and detailed how many of the supposed cost savings never materialized in RomneyCare Writ Large,

    Unfortunately, Romney's defense mimics the tone deaf arguments of the most puerile leftist trolls in comparing the state mandate to require insurance of those who choose to drive with a federal mandate to purchase insurance for everyone without exception, which doesn't speak highly of either his ability to reason or to honor the Constitution.

    Plus, in bragging over its success in the past, he glossed over the fact that in addition to utilizing taxes raised by his predecessor, RomneyCare needed huge infusions of federal cash to stay afloat.

    I don't know if he's afraid that admitting he was wrong makes him look weak, or he genuinely believes in big government solutions to health care.

    Either way, doesn't recommend him to the highest elected office in the land.


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