Friday, October 14, 2011

Ron Paul’s Eyebrow Rugs

You know, I missed the Republican debate the other night. In case you did too, the most significant part of the debate, evidently, was...Ron Paul's vanity.

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I know they say that "image is everything", but false eyebrows? Really??

I don't know if "bushy eyebrow envy" should disqualify anyone from the office of the president, but if SNL doesn't have someone with their fake eyebrows falling off by this Saturday, they aren't trying hard enough!

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  1. Hmmm...

    In this day an age, I guess he can't be blamed. It does go against the whole "authenticity" thing.

  2. I just love a man with bushy eyebrows.

  3. You can get by with cheap lipstick, but never skimp on eye merkin adhesive. Trust.

  4. SF: Yeah. Phony is not a word you generally associate with Ron Paul. I can see a little makeup for going under the harsh lights, but fake eyebrows??

    Odie: I think that's what he's counting on!

    Mrs. C: Back in HS, we used spirit gum in the drama dept. to hold on fake beards, sideburns, etc. You could get high off the smell. Maybe that's what's wrong with Paul's foreign policy?

  5. Rugs, ROFL. That just brings a new level of ridiculousness to Ron Paul.

  6. Maybe he admires Brezhnev, his looked like Wooly Bears lol

  7. Vanity is an apt description of his motivation.

  8. That could explain a lot. It must be very heady for him to have such an enthusiastic following of fresh young conservatives, libertarians and such. He's got to know from his first two presidential runs that he doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting the nomination.


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