Sunday, November 20, 2011

8-1 Niners Meet 3-6 Cardinals

It's true what they say about "any given Sunday, but still...I'm feeling lucky!

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Update : Niners up 9-0 at the half. 16-0 half way through the third quarter.

UpdateII : Final: Niners 23, Cardinals 7

Niners are now 9-1 on the year! Go Niners!


  1. I'll be watching our team ... and our girls too.

  2. Same here. My only advice to the team would be in the immortal words of Han Solo:

    "Don't get cocky!"

  3. West coast is looking good. For babes and football anyway. Maybe a couple of strange blogger types.

  4. Now if we could just get our politicians to play as well as our sports teams!


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