Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday!

If you're sitting there, shivering from having sat out in the cold for so long, here's a little holiday cheer!

Remember when Ron Paul was caught at one debate with his eyebrow rug slipping? Maybe he was merely channeling his inner Don Ameche, and was planning on a fake mustache that ended up high and outside?

So, here at Proof Positive, we're all about putting things right. Hence, we moved the fake eyebrow to a spot under his nose, where it clearly belonged:

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  1. I'd comment on this post, but it's Black Friday, the malls are open, and I mustache!

  2. The stores are calling me, but I'm not listening ... neaner, neaner, neaner!

  3. Thanks, Mrs.C! I knew it was going to be hairy out there fior shoppers today!

    Odie: Hunker in the bunker! Good plan!

  4. I'm still in my pajamas! After all the many hours of cooking I did yesterday, I am quite lazy today! I hope you have a nice weekend, Proof!

  5. Zilla: Jammies and bunny slippers are the uniform du jour for all those not out shopping 'til you drop!

    Take 'er easy!

  6. Happy to say I did not leave my home today to go shopping. No way.
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. CL: I ventured out for a little bit this afternoon, not so much bargain hunting as I needed to pick up a prescription. By one o'clock or so this afternoon, I went to Target. The place wasn't the madhouse I expected it to be (except maybe toys and consumer electronics), but then, neither was the post office. I thought it would be packed with folks sending gifts and Christmas cards. You could hear the crickets!


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