Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shots Fired at Occupy Oakland

Reports of as many as eight shots fired, one injured. Sad to say, if not for the occupiers, this probably wouldn't be newsworthy, beyond a small circle of friends...

At about 4:45pm Thursday evening, a crowd of thirty surrounded a man apparently shot in the leg at Frank Ogawa Plaza. He appeared unconscious when I arrived at the scene, a full ten minutes before the police and ambulance arrived. Women were screaming, and many in the crowd were moaning from the unexpected traumatic event. Several were shouting, “no pictures” and linking arms around the injured young man.

More details as they become available.

Update : It now appears the shooting was a fatality.

OAKLAND, Calif. - A man has died after being shot just outside the Oakland encampment that anti-Wall Street protesters have occupied for the last month.

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan says the victim was pronounced dead at a local hospital Thursday evening, less than two hours after two groups of men got into a fight near the Occupy Oakland camp on a plaza near City Hall.

Jordan says no suspects have been identified. He asked members of the public participating in the protest who may have taken photographs or video that captured the shooting to contact authorities.

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  1. Oh boy... The mayhem continues to escalate. What's next?

  2. Hard to say. Even before the occupiers, Oakland has just been a stone's throw away from a riot for a long time.


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