Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TSA Gives You a Lift

For all you contemplating holiday travel out there...

Update : Context is everything. In fairness to the TSA agent who appears to have an evil grin on his face, in the original photo, he is smiling at a nun.

Update II : It would appear that some of you missed the update absolving Ann's husband, the TSA agent pictured, of all lust and malice. Exactly which part of "smiling at a nun" didn't you understand?


  1. RR: Not much wardrobe to malfunction there!

    Randy: With your luck, you'd get Roseanne Barr!

  2. Please take this photo down...that TSA is my husband and we find this extremely offensive. Please reconsider using photos of innocent people like this in the future. It's ridiculously inappropriate an not to mention it reflects poorly on him, as his co-workers have now seen this image floating all over the internet.

    1. Ann, I am sorry that you and your husband find this offensive. Some men, as represented by at least one commenter above, might even be envious of such a situation. If you read the post, there has long been a disclaimer, posted just after the picture was posted, absolving your husband of all lust and malice. Feel free to quote it to anyone. Refer them here to see it in the original, if you like.

      If I were to remove the photo from this site, and as you say, it is already "all over the internet", then I would be removing the one sure place where it would be seen in its context, along with the disclaimer absolving your husband. The other copies, out of context, will still be out there.

      What prompted the Photoshop, of course, were the offenses being forced upon the traveling public, far more egregious than being Photoshopped with Janet Jackson, that is to say young women actually being groped by TSA agents, indignities heaped upon the elderly in wheelchairs, with adult diapers and colostomy bags...not to mention the traumas visited upon children.

      Was your husband guilty of any of that personally? I have no idea, but I doubt it. Still, he works for an organization that is infamous for such treatment. This photo is satire, an exaggerated graphic depiction of the abuse of women under the color of authority. A criticism of an organization which seemed beyond shame, for extremely offensive actions members of the TSA have taken towards innocent men, women and children. Your husband wears the uniform which is emblematic of it.

      Just out of curiosity, how many letters have you written protesting the publicized actual abuses by other TSA agents? Things which those innocent victims have found to be "extremely offensive"?

      Still, I will consider your request to have it taken down. Perhaps tomorrow, while they are photographing my genitals once again at the airport?


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