Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Apple Store a Day Keeps the Muggers Away?

For those of you old enough to remember West Side Story, one of the gang members, in trying to understand why he ended up in a life of crime, came to the conclusion:
"We're depraved on account of we're deprived."

That may be true. And for all of you struggling to get by with just a PC, maybe it's your lack of a Mac that made you go bad...

STOCKTON, CA - Forbes Magazine, which earlier this year marked Stockton as the most miserable city in the country, has new data to share.

Forbes reports that eight of the "Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities" in the U.S., where Stockton is ranked 8, don't have Apple stores.

...The two cities on the top 10 list that do have Apple stores are Anchorage and Las Vegas.

Of course correlation does not equal causation. In this chicken and egg McMuffin comparison, it is likely that Apple simply tries not to locate their stores in higher crime areas.

Still, it is amusing to consider the possibility that PC users turn to crime for wont of an iPad!


  1. I actually went to the West Side Story Martial Arts Academy as a young man. We spent the first month learning how to snap our fingers to a jazz beat. I eventually dropped out and earned a black belt in the mystical art of Tae Bo.

  2. If Eric Holder had been there, he'd have been running zip guns to the Jets!

  3. On second thought, probably the Sharks...

  4. I have noticed over the years that stores in low income areas have the highest prices! Personally, I would suspect that this is caused by higher insurance caused by robberies and shop lifting. Many companies will not locate in high crime areas because of this---just my thoughts.

  5. It proves again that PC users are more likely to commit a crime than Mac users ... or is it because are more PC users ... Just another Mac user here over thinking the problem.

  6. No, you're right, and it's a vicious circle in poorer communities. And a lot of it has to do with the economies of scale. Big grocery chains won't locate there because of the crime and vandalism. Smaller mom and pop stores can't buy in bulk like the chains, so their costs and the prices they have to charge are higher. Fewer customers mean there is not the turnover in produce say, like there is in the larger stores, or sufficient profits to toss the older produce as quickly. Consequently, the rap given to these stores is that they sell poor quality produce at higher prices to take advantage of the poor, who are not as mobile as to be able to shop elsewhere. If you don't own a car, you walk to the nearest store.

    The perception of price gouging causes resentment, which probably figures into even more shop lifting and vandalism against those "price gougers" trying to make a living with a mom and pop operation.

    In fact, there's a small grocery chain in my town which has served several less than affluent neighborhoods for 65 years, closing shop and selling out to a chain of "dollar stores".

  7. Odie: If you insist on using logic on the problem, we'll never get anywhere!


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