Friday, December 16, 2011

Person of the Year?

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Why so serious?


  1. I was hoping it would be me again. Remember a few years back when Time pandered to us all by declaring "You" are person of the year!

    I put that on a resume, but it didn't get me anywhere...

  2. SF: Time is a left of center mag, so it's not too surprising that they pander to their (declining) readership.

    I currently don't subscribe to any dead tree magazines that didn't come with a life membership in the NRA.

    Randy: Use a different font next time....that'll work!

  3. I saw that someone was given to call them "Occutards", but I can't recall who.

  4. Nothing like a weekly news magazine hiring an artist who makes a living plagiarizing other people's work to do a cover in a desperate attempt to drum up business as the publication swirls the bowl.

  5. "It should say "The Occuwhiner". "

    How about "The gutless turd who claims to have a message but hides his face". Makes me want to write one of those Budweiser "Real men of genius" songs about it. hehe

  6. Chuck - some day the OWS folks will eventually go to some evil corporation looking for employment. The last thing they're gonna want is to have their face plastered all over the internet showing them trashing that company.

    It's occupocrisy!

  7. "occupocrisy" I like that! It may be instructive, too, that the OWS group was lumped together with protesters who were and perhaps still are, in favor of the violent overthrow of their government.

    Chuck: "Budweiser "Real men of genius" songs" I had forgotten about those. Heh.

    Odie: I don't know. BO is pretty much in a league of his own when it comes to hypocrisy and desperation.


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