Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thanks for Setting a New Record at Proof Positive!

I want to thank everyone who stops by the blog, for another great year!

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It looks like we received an all time record number of hits in December, (and the day's not over yet) despite the holidays, and even more notably, it wasn't in a month with an Instalanche, a dead bin Laden or the End of the World!

So, with that, I'll leave you with my Sally Field moment: You like me! You really like me! (Or at least tolerate me! I can live with that!)

Y'all have a very safe, very prosperous, very happy new year! And come back again some time!


  1. Congrats Proof! six of the hits were me! OK maybe ten! Happy New Year buddy!

  2. Great way to end the year! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, guys! May 2012 dawn brighter for all of us...except for the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


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