Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bye Week for the Niners...

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Just because the team gets the week off, doesn't mean we should ignore the cheerleaders!


  1. Who could ignore our favorite cheerleaders.

  2. She certainly is cute, Proof! I don't keep up with pro-ball when I do I'm a Saints fan, but my big love is college ball and I've been an LSU fan since the late 1940's when my father took me to my first LSU game in Tiger Stadium. Really looking forward to the National Championship tomorrow nite, but worried about Bama---they are tough as nails!

  3. Odie: You betcha!

    Ron: Sorry for your loss (this coming Saturday). Niners play New Orleans this Saturday.

    Good luck with the Nat'l Championship!

  4. I hope either the Niners or the Saints go to the big game. I am leaning towards the Niners, just because some dude keeps posting cheerleader pictures...

  5. The power of the cheerleader will prevail.