Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Saturday Night Music

For Baby - The Chad Mitchell Trio


  1. This was after Chad left the group. You're watching John Denver, Mike Kubluk, and Joe Fazier. They later had to drop the name "Chad Mitchell Trio."

    Hubby played with Chad in New York for the 92nd Street Y's 50th Anniversary Folk Festival (eons ago.)

    Both Chad and Mike live still live in Spokane.

  2. Yep. I was just going by the label on the video. For Bobbie/ For Baby was written by Denver.

  3. Guitar, banjo, mandolin. Most of what he does now is teach and custom arrangements.

    (A complete remake of the website is underway since my hubby is sick and tired of me bitching about the abject ugliness of his website.)

    1. Tres cool! I used to play a little guitar in my misspent youth. I always wanted to learn banjo and mandolin as well. Never got around to actually buying one though.

      Your husband, on the other hand, sounds like he actually has talent.


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