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Obama's State of Confusion Address

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Folks, I was apparently one of a diminishing number of Americans with the stomach to listen to Barry drone on for an hour on his SOTU speech. But, as a public service to my readers, I did watch it, so imagine my surprise when the guy who gave the speech gets it so terribly wrong!

Obama in his weekly radio address:

On Tuesday, in my State of the Union Address, I laid out a blueprint for an economy built to last – an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.

"Blueprint"?? Has the Community Organizer-in-Chief ever even seen a blueprint? A blueprint for a house might include details like a 16" center on studs or the use of #12 Romex* to the recessed kitchen lighting. It would diagram where the plumbing and wiring were located in the walls, the size of the door frames and a list of materials to be used. In short, an extremely, minutely detailed document. One that could be used to construct the same house precisely, either once or a thousand times.

What the President called a "blueprint", was at best, a wish list. It was more like:
"Hey! Will somebody build me a house?"

The President's SOTU was very short on specifics. About the only specifics he named were the creation of yet more bureaucratic agencies while simultaneously telling his audience, he'd asked Congress to grant him the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy. I'll make it smaller by growing it bigger. We have to destroy the village in order to save it!

"We should also stem the corrosive influence of money in politics"
You mean like accepting credit card contributions from overseas to one's campaign without verifying the donors? Little late for that, isn't it Barry?

But let's go back to his initial statement, (which is nearly identical to the one he closed with, and is probably not at all focused grouped or will show up in his stump speeches between now and November):

an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.

"American energy", Mr. President? Are you saying that we need energy to build the economy? Maybe that's the reason the economy has been so p*ss poor ever since you took office?
Tell us about the low sulfur coal fields off limit to mining in the west? Tell us about the million acres of uranium rich land recently put off limits by your administration?

You brag about the increase in oil production, but because those things take years due to the stranglehold of bureaucracy, those gains were the result of previous administrations and not your policies. The Obama energy policies keep ANWR out of production, have shut down access to vast oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico, currently being exploited by other countries. Your environmentalist wacko bases has not eliminated drilling in the Gulf, just American drilling and American jobs.

One of the criticisms sometimes leveled at American businesses, is that they have large amounts of cash that they are refusing to invest, solely to make this President "look bad".
Aside from the economic illiteracy of why businesses invest, the uncertainty of Obama's tax plans and Obamacare have businesses running scared to invest, since they have no knowledge or certainty as to what their costs might be in six months, let alone three to five years!

However, this does bring to my mind an analogy of someone sitting on wealth and refusing to release it into the economy, and that someone is currently sleeping with the President's wife! Barack Obama could tell the EPA to stand down or minimize their destruction of coal based energy in this country, except that he approves that destruction. As a candidate, he said if he were president, he would bankrupt the coal power industry. Fortunately for us, he invested billions in tax dollars to procure solar energy from companies like Solyndra.
Oh, wait!

Obama could provide leadership (stop laughing) to convince the Democrats in Congress, that energy is indeed necessary for a healthy economy and step out of the way of oil exploration and production in ANWR and the Gulf. Even an announcement of our intentions to drill would cause a sudden drop in the price of foreign oil, as OPEC nations would drop their prices to try to make it less profitable for increased competition to enter the marketplace.

I am all for preserving the pristine beauty of the Grand Canyon, but I believe that putting an additional million acres of land off limits to mining is overkill, and an overreach of this regime. The way to more energy independence is to drill and mine our natural resources and to purchase as much of the difference between what we produce and what we need from our trading partners and allies.

BTW, Mr. President? The idea that we are going to simultaneously put more and more Americans into electric cars while shutting down more and more power plants is insanity of the first order. If you see a "blueprint" that calls for the garbage disposal to be installed in the master bedroom and the toilet next to the kitchen sink, you might want to fire your architect.

*Small brain freeze the AM. Thinking "Romex", wrote "Nomex". That why you need details in your blueprints!

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  1. The guy is the lowest of the low. His contempt for the American people is boundless. The notion that America's future greatness is tied to windmills and choo-choo trains is about as patently stupid an idea as one could imagine, but that's the kind of material that works on his brain dead support base.


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