Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quote du jour

I admit to a writer’s bias here, but your byline is one of the most valuable things you own because it reflects not just your work and thought but your character and reputation as well.

-Jonah Goldberg, on the Ron Paul Newsletters


  1. Either he's a racist, or he's an absent-minded leader whose subordinates can run rampant completely off the chain for years on end.

    Either way, not presidential.

  2. Yeah. I'm with Jonah on this one. You simply don't let stuff go out over your name without being aware of what it is. There are people that guest post here, and I have never had to or wanted to censor so much as a single word that anyone has written, yet I am very much aware that anything published on this site reflects on me, so I d*mn sure read what they write.

  3. Odie: I think Paul is just angling to be ambassador to Israel...


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