Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When "Occupy" Means "I Steal What's Yours"

William Teach over at Pirate's Cove, had this sickening piece of video, depicting the aftermath of the OWS occupation of a privately owned dwelling:

If I break into your house and trash it, and it costs you five thousand dollars to repair (and fumigate), how is that any different, morally, from someone who swindles or steals the same amount?

And if the "one percent" are evil for "tricking people" into mortgages they couldn't afford, and taking their money, then aren't the OWS thugs just as guilty for stealing someone else's wealth, too? (And I suspect whoever owned this house was NOT part of the 1%.)

Vandalism is a form of theft. Even if the home owner or business has insurance that would cover the vandalism, it still robs the owner of the cost of his deductible, plus the time and labor to make things right, and robs every one in the pool of insured who must pay the premiums to make this vandalism whole again.

IMHO, the homeowner should have pressed charges against these thugs. I would have loved to have heard the pony-tailed moron trying to justify his actions in a court of law.

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  1. The occupods are selfish, shallow, brain-dead, antisocial potheads who should be ridiculed at every turn.

    1. This guy makes me want to slap his mother for the job she did raising him. !

  2. An interesting part is that someone stole your post and reposted it here. A post about theft stolen. http://1zsallieth.h-info.co.in/?p=294

    1. "William Teach over during Pirate’s Cove, had this offensive square of video, depicting a issue of a OWS function of a secretly owned dwelling..."
      ...If we mangle into your residence and rabble it, and it costs we 5 thousand dollars to correct

      ...IMHO, a homeowner should have pulpy charges opposite these thugs. we would have desired to have listened a pony-tailed rascal perplexing to clear his actions in a justice of law."

      "Square of video"? "secretly owned"?? "Pulpy charges"??? It sounds like someone ran the post through a bad translation program when they lifted it!

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    1. PS: Go (home after you lose) Giants!

      There! Fixed it for you!


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