Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama's Solution to Energy Problems is Scum

No. Really.

And they mocked Newt for wanting to return to the moon! And, as I noted in another place, this proposal will have to overcome the vigorous objections of PETA:
People for the Ethical Treatment of Algae.

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  1. When Newt was chided by Romney that night about his moon-talk, and in the same debate by Romney about his Port of Charleston talk, I thought Newt got it right when he said (paraphrased): the people in South Carolina are interested in the Port and the people in Florida are interested in space. These are my ideas.

    He was exactly right. Moon colonies a bit far out, but nevertheless, but he has a vision. We need lots of it.

    1. Maggie: Newt may have been presumptuous, given the state of our current economy to talk about a moon colony in the next decade, but it certainly is a worthy goal. The space program has given us myriad benefits in science and consumer goods development, not to mention a certain strategic advantage that could one day well save our republic.

      But, all that aside, I would have rather seen a half billion dollars go into the space program than into a failing company like Solyndra.

  2. Proof, Kennedy was thought to be presumptuous when he said we were going to the moon. I don't care about moon colonies, but we need goals, as you say worthy goals. To think we can put colonies on the moon, whether we want to or not, is a very good thing. If Newt had said "laboratories" rather than "colonies" he'd be doing much better today. Just linked this piece.

    1. The reason I say it might be presumptuous is not necessarily the size of the challenge, but the extent to which NASA has been gutted under this administration after the end of the shuttle program.

      And even though Obama gives lip service to a manned Mars mission, turns out he has cut off funding for anything that might be a precursor to that mission.


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