Saturday, June 16, 2012

Campaign Pranks Have a Way of Backfiring

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You may be familiar with the story of the Romney Campaign bus driving around one of Obama's events, honking its horn. That was pretty lame. Now we hear that presumably, overzealous Obama supporters have hired a plane to tow a sign above Romney campaign events that says
"Romney's Every Millionaire Counts Tour".
Really? Romney is supposedly the "friend of millionaires"? As if Barack wasn't?? When Barack Obama just recently hit up fifty people at Sarah Jessica Parker's house for $40,000 a pop??? (Two million dollars, for those of you in Rio Linda) Is there anyone other than a "millionaire" or "billionaires" who could afford, in this economy, to spend forty grand to have dinner with a politician?

Barack Obama, who himself is the author of dog eating, girl shoving, composite girlfriend, semi-fictional and/or ghost written books, named after sermons he didn't listen to for twenty years, which, added to his salary as amateur golf pro wannabee, have made him a multi-millionaire, might have a hard sell portraying Mitt, with a straight face, as a fellow millionaire, and thus, to be feared.

Of course, he'll have a much easier time of that, than convincing anyone that he is a frugal, fiscally responsible president who can be trusted to rescue the economy, or to run on the record of what he's actually done and not what his "vision" is of how things should be.

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  1. I'm waiting for faux Conservative Doug Mataconis to decry this silly campaign trick from the Obama administration the same way he slammed Team Romney for the bus trick the other day.

    1. Don't hold your breath! What strikes me funny is that even after Carville has advised Obama that it's "Anything but the economy, stupid!", the Obamanites persist in class warfare and talking about money and who has it. I find it hard to believe that a "his millionaires are more corrupt than my millionaires" message is going to pay off (pun intended) on election day.


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