Friday, June 1, 2012

Obama Reflected on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

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President Barack Obama is reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall as he delivers remarks during the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War commemoration ceremony in Washington, D.C., May 28, 2012

Is there anything, anywhere the president will not interject his bio, his personality or his visage? Could someone tell the White House photographer that of all of the reflections, on all the surfaces in the world, war memorials probably aren't that fitting a canvas to record The Won's image on. This is far more sickening than all the halos.

H/T This Ain't Hell "How to Gag a Maggot"


  1. If someone would give me one of those military grade lasers they're experimenting with shooting down missiles I'm pretty sure I could help provide a truly awesome halo about him that everyone would enjoy!

  2. See the light passing through his ear? Silhouettes don't have ears, but he sure does Does that answer any questions?

    1. I would not demean the office of the President by saying anything about how his head must be empty. The rest of you, feel free!


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