Friday, August 17, 2012

All Expense Paid Touré of a Racebaiter's Mind

Most of us have never heard of this guy Touré before. With any luck, most of us never will again.

Clueless Joe Biden is trying to brand Mitt Romney and the Republicans as racist, as wanting to put blacks "back into chains", and when Mitt responds to having been called a felon, a tax cheat and a racist, he notes the desperation of the Obama/Biden campaign. At this point, Obama's surrogates point a finger and accuse Romney of racism, of using "code words" for racism. I hardly know whether to laugh or cry, when Biden accuses Romney of wanting to enslave blacks and Romney is the one attacked for his imaginary "racism".

The evidence? Romney used the word "angry" twice. Twice I tell you!!! Obama must be one of those "angry black men" they were talking about in the sixties! Could the race card be any less subtle or any more obvious? And note, it is not the Republicans who are playing it. When I hear the word "angry" used for Barack Obama, as with most people, I believe it goes to his state of mind, not the color of his skin. The "content of his character", if you will. And it's not always a bad thing to be angry, either, if you are angry at the right things. My Bible tells me, if I remember correctly, that God is angry with sin every day. If Jonathan Edwards had written "Sinners in the hands of an angry, angry God", would he have been have been using code that God is black?

The Twitterverse was quite active in mocking the race baiting stupidity of Touré yesterday. I contributed (among other things) that #ThingsToureThinksAreRacist "Angry, Angry Birds".

Romney's audience, according to the biased, race baiting world of Touré, are "trained to hate him (Obama), who want to hate him". Really? When was this? Did I miss training camp somehow? Was I sick that day?? Does this mean conversely that Democrats are "trained to hate and want to hate conservatives and Republicans" (and fiscal responsibility)? Given the liberal bent of most institutions of higher learning, it it far easier to imagine the latter than the former.

Joe Biden, according to his own words, thinks we are still in the 20th Century, and while it is not uncommon for liberals to be a century behind in their thinking, it is no longer 2008. Barack Obama is not a blank slate for voters to project their hopes on. He is not the vague Hopey Changey candidate of 2008. He has a track record and it's all bad. People have had four years to come to grips with Obama's multiracial and ethnic composition. The problem for Democrats is not that people don't know what to think of Barack Obama. Their problem is that they do.

Touré further asserts that the GOP has been working with "racial codes" going back to Nixon with the War on Drugs, because obviously white people don't do drugs? He blames the "first Bush" with Willie Horton. Willie Horton was supposedly part of the "typical Republican playbook". But, facts are such stubborn things, Mr. Touré! Willie Horton was introduced into the campaign against Michael Dukakis by...Democrat Al Gore in the primaries. And as far as general election went, I did not see any ads about Willie Horton. When I heard the facts about the case, on the radio, my first impression was of some fat, white guy sitting around in a "wifebeater" shirt, like the Willie in "Willie and Ethel". It wasn't until some months later that I saw Mr. Horton's picture (in Newsweek), that I discovered he was black.

The "scary" thing about the Willie Horton affair was not his race, but the fact that the governor of Massachusetts willing gave hardened criminals a "weekend pass" to leave prison and commit acts of mayhem on the unsuspecting community at large.

Touré includes Reagan's remarks about "welfare queens" in his litany of imaginary racism. Is he once again ignorant of the fact, that by virtue of blacks being a minority in this country, the majority of people on welfare, in Reagan's day at least, were white? Is it such a foreign concept to liberals such as Touré (I keep wanting to say Tourettes!), that some people might be outraged not by the color of their skin, but by the fact that able bodied people were living off the toil and hard work of others? Or worse yet, outright defrauding the system?

And to prove he might be permanently stuck on stupid, Touré calls the Republican party an "all white" party. This will come as quite a shock to many of my black, Hispanic and Asian Republican friends, who in actually are less white than is Barack Obama himself!

As a matter of fact, MSNBC is more lily white than the Republican party! A photo from 2009:

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So, in summing things up: Touré's evidence is scant, contradictory and unconvincing, his methodology is sloppy, and his appeal to the authority of unnamed "scholars" is more reminiscent of quoting from a talking points memo than any real scholarship.

I can see where he might be the darling of liberal dinner parties, but he is in no way in any danger as being characterized as an "angry, angry man". When people call him a "lightweight", as I do, they're not thinking "boxing division".

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