Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forty Years Ago, Man Walks on Moon - 7/20/2009 (Updated)

(republished from July 20, 2009)

In the history of flight, it was only sixty-six years from Kitty Hawk to "The Eagle has landed". Man went from a short powered flight to landing on the moon.
Forty years ago, the future looked limitless.

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Had the last forty years proceeded apace with the first sixty-six years of flight, where do you think would we be today?

Updated: With the passing of Neil Armstrong, we have lost one of our true pioneers. There was no guarantee that they would even return from this truly historic mission. Neil Armstrong knew and accepted this. He was willing to die for his country if need be. Literally hundreds of things could have gone wrong. So high was the expectation of failure, that William Safire even wrote a speech for Nixon in case Armstrong and Aldrin were stranded on the moon.

Our current president, the one who has largely dismantled and repurposed NASA for Muslim public relations, has chosen to honor the memory of the late Neil Armstrong with... a picture of himself! Because after all, it's not so much what Armstrong achieved so much as it it The One offering flowery oratory! Stay classy, Narcissist-in-Chief!

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