Thursday, August 9, 2012

GOP Confronts Lies of Obama's Admin and His Super PAC

Even the tepid defense, "We can't coordinate with them" pales before the lack of moral authority to condemn the lies or plead for an honest campaign. Obama's failure to do either or both shows a demonstrable lack of character, with what appears to be tacit approval.

One can show displeasure or disapproval of a Political Action Committee's advertising without "coordination" of any sort. The law does not let Obama off the hook morally for not denouncing the lies and falsehoods put forth by his supporters.

H/T Breitbart TV


  1. Ironic how this is the line of response Newt used against the attack ads from Mittens the Hun during the primary season. It didn't work for Newt because he didn't have the money to press it home in the electorate's consciousness. But since we're all Mittens men now, he won't lack for the cash to execute the messaging mission. It doesn't hurt that Obama's lies are an entire order of magnitude more vulgar.

    1. I'm sure that both sides will suffer more than their usual share of irony this election cycle.