Monday, August 13, 2012

Quote du jour

With Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate, there will be lots of talk about the House GOP budget. When this budget is attacked, the first question in response should always be “compared to what?” Not the actual federal budget, because Congress has not passed one in nearly four years. Not the president’s budget, as it’s never made it out of either house of Congress.
-Jonathan H. Adler


  1. Smart man. I really do hope the Romney camp is really that smart and the Dems are walking into a trap.

  2. We have the makings of a genuine "conservative versus leftist" election. Whenever those are the choices, we do pretty well historically. Clinton got elected by pretending to be a conservative, hell even Brakabama didn't run as the filthy Communist he is. Now he has to, though.

    1. I am cautiously optimistic about November. However, I know the extent of dirty tricks that can be pulled between now and then, so be ever vigilant!


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