Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - A Day of Remembrance

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It's 9/11. Eleven years ago, the United States was attacked by those who thought we were soft. Those who thought we would accede to their demands if they brought us harm, with the threat to do more. They thought they had seen it before. They were wrong.

So, today, no partisan politics, no matter how egregious the provocation. This is a day of remembrance. Tomorrow is another day. But for 2,996 of our citizens, tomorrow didn't come, on this date, eleven years ago. Most of them were not heroes. Some of them were.

And today, we pause to remember them, and to consider the evil of our enemies, who kill men, and women, and children with equal dispassion, to acknowledge once again the cowardice of those who would wage war against us, but were too cowardly to attack our military, attacking unarmed civilians instead.

And we pray for the souls of those lives cut short, and for the lives of those first responders who, even now are seeing their lives cut short by illness brought about in the hell of the dust and smoke.

We should remember what happened that day, and why it happened, and vow that, if it be within our power, that it never happen again.

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