Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quote du jour

As I listened to Reverend Wright scream, I had a conviction — a quietly burning one: No, the United States and al-Qaeda are not the same. Obama’s “spiritual mentor” may preach it. Professors from Bennington in the East to Reed in the West may teach it. But it’s a lie.
-Jay Nordlinger


  1. Ever notice that all those angry, America-hating leftists who draw such false equivalencies do it from the comfy confines of the United States, and never from the benighted lands we are supposedly no better than?

    1. I'm sure they believe they'll be at the top of the food chain when our new benevolent overlords take over. History shows us they are the first to be killed or "reeducated".

  2. Replies
    1. Jay's a good man. He's a regular over at NRO. Writes a column called "Impromptus". Check it out sometime if you haven't before.


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