Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On a Personal Note...

...RG III and I are both going in for knee surgery today. There, I think, the similarity ends.

So, if posts are a little leaner than usual, or fewer, (or, if the drugs are good enough, incoherent) you'll know the reason why.

Update: I am home again. I believe the surgery went well. In fact, I had the second best seat in the house. I had elected a spinal over general anesthesia, so I was awake for the procedure. When the nurse started to hang drapes, I asked if I could watch. They positioned the video feed from the arthroscopic camera where I could see it, and then, my surgeon proceeded to give me a play by play of everything he was doing, pointing out the different features inside my knee and what shape they were each in. After the surgery, he gave me some 8x10 glossies of some of the close up shots. How cool was that?

I've been living with a pain in my knee since last May. It really is minor compared to what some of my readers are going through. The good thing is, even though it hurts more now, it holds the promise of a pain free tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, then soon.

For all my friends with the hope of a better tomorrow, I salute you, and celebrate your hope.


  1. I hope it goes smoothly with no surprises.

  2. Good luck with your surgery, Proof. Sending some cyber prayers your way...

  3. Mr. Positive, I wish you well. Kiss a pretty nurse for me.

  4. Best wishes for a smooth operation and swift & complete recovery.

  5. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Proof!

  6. Best wishes from Adrienne to Zilla! Thank you all for your concern and well wishes. Well, all except for you, Odie. You shoulda told me that while I was still at the hospital! Heh.

  7. Proof, glad you are home. Hospitals are no place to be with the flu raging. I hope the "pain free tomorrow" begins soon.



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