Friday, June 21, 2013

Quote du jour

The problem, however, is not just that Obama’s declarations of moral intent are deemed more important than his concrete behavior, but also that his moral pieties serve as a psychological mechanism that offers exemption for his unethical conduct. Obama repeatedly declared that citing the bin Laden raid for partisan purposes would be “spiking the ball” of the worst sort — and thereby was freed to do just that without any guilt over his own hypocrisy, much less a worry that there was something untoward in using a national-security operation for campaign advantage.
- Victor Davis Hanson


  1. As usual, Mr. Hanson nails it. I believe this is from the link you provided in last Saturday's Linkaround. I highly recommend others to check it out.

  2. Dr. Hanson is on a par with Drs Krauthammer and Sowell. They keep my head facing forward and my face out of the tank, no matter what swirls around me.

    1. Someday, they may be encouraging us to face the tanks, ala Tienanmen Square, should it come to that...