Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hot Mom Works Out Facebook Hate

As a public service to working moms, we present:

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The picture has gone viral, with more than 16 million views on Facebook, and has generated more than 12,000 comments. And while much of the input has been of the supportive “you go, girl” variety, plenty of it has been made up of angry, offended personal attacks on the photo subject, calling her everything from “obnoxious” and “fake” to a bad mom and a bully.

Don't be hatin'! If you've got it, flaunt it. If you want it, work for it. If she looks better than you, deal with it. Maybe it's good genes, maybe it's hard work, maybe it's both. News flash: life isn't always fair.Play the hand you're dealt.


  1. Kang is a former pageant queen and fitness competitor who founded the nonprofit Fitness Without Borders in 2007. She's also a recovering bulimic.

    1. Just don't hate her for being beautiful!

    2. I hate all the beautiful people because I am an ugly, fat, red head with bad teeth.

      I don't like when the beautiful people tell I have too many automatic weapons....

      We can make progress in society only if we stop cursing and complaining about its shortcomings and have the courage to do something about the beautiful people

      (just playing)

    3. "I don't like when the beautiful people tell I have too many automatic weapons." Diane Feinstein and Sarah Brady?? You have a strange idea as to what constitutes beauty!
      (just playin', too!)

  2. What a babe! Too bad the ugly are jealous.


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