Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh, Say! Can You See?

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  1. Social collapse has occurred many times in History. The most important prerequisite of social collapse is severe internal or external turmoil caused by economic, cultural or social issues at the heart of that society. We now have the tools to predict the beginnings of our world collapsing on it's self.

    The data and tools are out there to predict significant societal events, such as political crises, humanitarian crises, mass violence, riots, mass migrations, economic instability, resource shortages, and responses to natural disasters.

    Predicting the future is not evil. The benefits are mind blogging!

    1. We not only have the tools to predict the beginnings of our world collapsing on itself, but inside the Beltway, we have the tools who are causing it!

    2. I am 100% sure you are right. There is so much data available and online profiling is so cheap and easy.

      Imagine an AI program/model that is feed just the news from inside the Beltway

    3. Sorry! When I said "tools" I was talking about Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et. al.

    4. my fault - my brain was on a tangent

    5. Coulda just been me. It's hard for me to think of "tools" these days without Obama being at the top of the list!


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