Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Lifelong Bliss of Abraham Lincoln?

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I saw this on a billboard a couple weeks ago, and it struck me how little the copywriter must know of American history to use Honest Abe as his example of "lifelong bliss". I searched the photo. Apparently it comes from a stock photo of some couple's happy nuptials, sans the head of our sixteenth president. But, what did Abe Lincoln know of "lifelong bliss"?

There's a list floating around the 'Net about Lincoln's failures prior to becoming president. But whether or not some of these "failures" were exaggerated, we know that three of his four children died young, his wife was committed to a mental health asylum and he himself suffered from what many believe to be clinical depression. He presided over the war which claimed the lives of more Americans than any other war in our history. And, oh, and someone shot him in the head over a political disagreement.

Lifelong bliss? Hardly. Maybe there's a reason the pig has a hole in his head, too?

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