Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Modest Proposal

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I was watching a news story about the president’s plummeting popularity and trustworthiness numbers, when the reporter attributed the president’s lack of credibility, in large part to the failings of the Obamacare website, particularly in regards to its security. They showed a clip of congressional hearings where one congress critter asked four men directly responsible for security at the site, point blank, if the site would be secure by Dec 1st. To a man, they all answered “No”.

Now the White House insists that is secure. Hmm... Given the track record of this administration, that could hinge on what your definition of “is” is, or “secure”. But I had an idea. Here is the opportunity for Obama and the Democrats to show true leadership. Having exempted themselves from all the wonderfulness that is Obamacare, there’s no real reason for them to go to the website, right? So, here’s the deal. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all the Democrats that voted for this catastrophe , er, boon (doggle) to mankind, should all personally open an account at and enter all the private information required of John and Jane Doe, average Americans.
Like that guy from Life Lock who bought mobile billboards with his real Social Security number on them, because he was confident in the security of his own system. If the White House “insists” that the site is secure, then the President and Congress Critters who voted for it won’t mind at all personally inputting their own Social Security numbers, bank accounts and whatever else in the way of personal or otherwise private information required of them, would they?

And, of course, they should sit down and do this personally, and not delegate it to some paid staffer. Mr. and Mrs. America don’t have paid personal staff to do this sort of thing for them. The President and Congress should lead by example here.

Anyone care to wager that if the President and Congress were personally required, or shamed into going on this site, that they would make sure it is a darn sight more secure than it is for you and me?

So, make the darn site more secure, or scrap it.

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  1. All his lies are snowballing now. An avalanche of shit that may bury him.

    1. Now he wants to "re-brand" Obamacare and blame Republicans and insurance companies for policy cancellations...of policies the law he passed made illegal. I'm curious as to how many of the lemmings will fall for it?

  2. Anyone who was dumb enough to enter all their personal info on the Obamacare website deserves whatever happens to them. I try to be very careful about what websites I visit, what info I give out, etc.

    My guess? They were all Obama voters...

    1. I would imagine that there were some people who just couldn't imagine the level of malfeasance and incompetence, that the government would require them to put their most personal financial information on a non-secure website.


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