Friday, November 8, 2013

Get Your Tesla Model S - They're Hot! They're Smokin'!

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No, seriously. They're smoking...
Meanwhile, another Model S electric car caught fire Wednesday near Smyrna, Tenn., following a crash. This was the third Model S to have caught fire in the last five weeks. One burned near Seattle and another in Mexico. Both cars were in crashes and the fires injured no one.

Normally, car fires are not significant events that influence investors. There are about 150,000 annually, according to the National Fire Protection Assn. However, safety officials have been tracking fires in electric cars, as well as computers and other equipment, out of concern that the lithium-ion battery systems might be fire-prone.

Three in five weeks? Out of a relatively small number of cars on the road? This cannot bode well for Tesla. In fact, their stock has taken a hit on the news of this latest car-B-que.

Tesla Motors shares continued to fall Thursday as the automaker confirmed a third fire in one of its high-end electric cars and a major auto reviewer pointed out problems with its Model S luxury hatchback.

The 9%, or $13.40, decline in mid-morning trading to $137.76 followed a 15% plunge in the shares Wednesday after the automaker said limited supplies of batteries were hampering sales and that it was spending heavily on research and development to design new models. Tesla shares have been on a run for most of the year, rising about 400% before this reversal.

But, tke heart! If your electric car catches fire, you can always invite Al Gore over for some S'mores!


  1. Replies
    1. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life hands you car-B-ques, you make s'mores!

  2. Gasoline cars catch fire at an average rate of 500 per day. In comparison electric cars are about 7 times less likely to catch fire.

    1. Seven times less likely numerically or as a percentage? What's your source for that number? Seems like electric car fires are out of proportion to their numbers.


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