Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mike Huckabee Still Wants to be President

Mike Huckabee still wants to be president. Can I get not just a "No" but a "Hell, No!"?

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Mike Huckabee was on Fox News Sunday last Sunday, and was doing the coy, tiptoe tap dance around the fact that he still would like to run for president again.

And, by the way, the only reason I talked to those news entities is because they asked me. You know, I didn't go and solicit them and say, hey, I'd love to have an interview with you and lets But as people approached me and they've asked me about it, I had friends who said let's do a poll, let's just see if you're in the mix.
So, you're just doing interviews when you're asked, eh? And the 'little polling' you're doing? Sure, everybody does that! Are you still keeping in touch with contributors from the last campaign, maybe? A little toe in the water, finger in the air??

"So, when people ask me, are you open to the possibilities? The honest answer is yes. Does that mean I'm running? I don't honestly know. I think there is a lot of time between and then, and, frankly, the Republicans have a strong stable of possible candidates. What I'm looking is to find out whether it's the right thing for me to do, and I'm not ready to make that decision. But I just don't want to tell people, oh, no, I wouldn't open my mind to it because that would be, frankly, dishonest at this point."

Now, Mike, you seem like a good guy. I would not freak out if you moved next door to me or started dating my sister. (Except for that whole current "wife" thing. I might have to have words with you on that! )But, I still don't believe you have what it takes to either win the nomination, or the right man to govern right now if you did.

First of all, do I need to remind you that you were not exactly the picture of fiscal restraint when you were governor? Fox News called Huckabee: "The Biggest Big-Government Conservative"

And you also have your own special Willie Horton moment to explain?

Huckabee in His Own (Weaselly) Words

And how your explanations have come short in the past?
Huckabee in His Own (Weaselly) Words, Redux

Your presidential run turned you into a minor celebrity. Sure your radio show crashed and burned after just 20 months, but that's a lot longer than most of the libs lasted! You still have the eponymously named "Huckabee" on the Fox News Channel. Wouldn't want to give that up, would you??

How about just once we clear the deck of all the vanity candidates, and the 'haven't got a prayer' candidates, who clog up the early presidential debates, and try to winnow the field down to two or three candidates who have the time to more fully present their policies and ideas, without the Barnum and Bailey atmosphere of election years past? Encourage the people who are really serious about preserving the Republic, but haven't got a prayer (or a clue) to just stay home. Write your op-eds, commentaries and tweets, declare your unrequited love but not your candidacy. The stakes are too high for showboating.

Mike Huckabee still wants to be president? And I still want to date a supermodel. With any luck, his chances are as good as mine!

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  1. Not sure if Mike Huckabee will run again , but it would be nice to have a true fiscal and social conservative (not to mention an adult) in the White House. Those who know him best support him the most. There is a reason for that. They know his real record, not the twist fest and nearly humorous distortions that even some "conservatives" engage in.

    I personally know people who lived in Arkansas during his time as Governor. When
    Huckabee arrived, Arkansas was a corrupt state, with education, unemployment
    and infrastructure ranking among the lowest in the USA. And despite lowering
    taxes more than any Arkansas governor in state history, he has always answered
    for one significant tax hike to rebuild the state's foundational woes. What you
    don't hear much of, is that he signed the bill into law after the voters passed
    a ballot initiative in favor of the tax funded 80%!

    Huckabee didn't raise taxes, the people did. And to say that the most visible advocate
    for the Fair Tax Plan in American politics is liberal with economic policy,
    seems more than a little odd. That is not a liberal vision regarding tax reform
    and economic recovery. It, like many of his ideas and accomplishments, is an
    example of thinking outside the box and being bold enough to enact creative
    solutions to big problems,without worrying what the polls will say the next
    day. He answered to no establishment. He was loyal to no lobbyist.

    What his record shows as an executive leader, is that he is the most deserving person
    to credit for the literal modernization of the state. By the end of his era,
    Arkansas proved to be a model for restoration. It had a booming economy, low
    unemployment, better schools (went from 48th to 9th place), higher incomes and
    a relatively low tax burden compared to many states. And, though he arrived
    with the biggest state debt in history, he left with a surplus of millions.

    Mike Huckabee is in a league of his own. He has the most experience of anyone in the
    potential GOP bullpen at this early date and has a likeability factor that would
    run off of any chart. Plus, his communication skills would even be envied by
    Ronald Reagan. Comparing Mike to some of the “establishment candidates"
    would be like comparing Thomas Jefferson to George Jefferson.

    If Hillary or another Democrat is victorious in 2016, it won't be because of the liberals. It
    will be because many so called "conservatives" were so ill-informed
    and boneheaded where Huckabee is concerned that they failed to unite behind the
    wisest, most talented leader our nation has seen in a generation.

  2. We'll put you in the pro-Huckabee column.

    "his communication skills would even be envied by Ronald Reagan" We'll also put you in the alternate-reality column.

    In case you haven't heard, your "great communicator" had his syndicated radio program cancelled after 20 months. IMHO, there's just not that big an audience for "wishy" and "washy".

    What do you think about the weaselly way he dealt with the aftermath of the Lakewood Washington shooting? (see links above, if you're not familiar with it.) It doesn't scream leadership to me. On the world stage, the Leader of the Free World seldom gets a "do-over". I admire plain speaking.

    No one expects any politician to be perfect. Hindsight is 20/20. But, Huckabee should have immediately manned up, owned his actions, and explained his reasons for doing so, based on what he knew at the time, not a launch into Clintonian worthy spin.

  3. We need to consolidate behind a single conservative candidate this time, so mediocre also rans who campaign primarily on gimmicks need to be heavily discouraged from running... that means you, Huckster



  4. Finding that one solidly conservative candidate...that's the trick!

  5. Unfortunately, there aren't many good Conservatives who plan on running. I doubt either Rand Paul nor Ted Cruz will run.

  6. We've still got a couple years to hope one shows up. Otherwise, I fear for the Republic.