Friday, June 20, 2014

Second Annual Paul Revere Awards

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Once again, Proof Positive has been honored with a Paul Revere award.

These bloggers are but a few of the brave and resolute men and women who hold down jobs and raise their families while standing guard over liberty. They don’t have big advertising on their sites nor do they have a bevy of contributing writers. They pore over information and bring their opinions to their readers in order to inform and warn.

They have the keen zest of the citizen whose patriotism is of the lusty type that causes them to take an active part in politics. They add humor and common sense. They deserve to be recognized.

Aw, shucks, says I, deftly digging one's toes in the sand...and thanks!


  1. Thank ye kindly! As soon as I can find a chain heavy enough, I'm going to wear it around my neck!