Monday, June 30, 2014

Would You Like Some OJ With That Race Baiting?

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If you've been a conservative who has ever spoken his or her mind about our current president, you've undoubtedly been treated to the mindless, knee jerk reaction of a dull witted liberal (but I repeat myself), that the only reason you oppose Barack Obama is 'because he's black'. The recent 20 year anniversary of the slow moving, white Bronco (no, not John Elway!*), got me to thinking about O.J. Simpson. OJ was a very popular fellow. A football star in college, OJ played in the NFL for nine years: eight with the Buffalo Bills, one with the S.F. 49er's. He won the Heisman Trophy, among other awards, played in 6 NFL Pro Bowls, was drafted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, became a commentator on Monday Night Football, acted and starred in numerous motion pictures...oh, and did I mention that OJ is black??? I only mention that, insomuch, that I don't think of OJ as a "black" NFL player, a "black" actor or a "black" murderer, any more than I think of George Hamilton as a "chestnut brown" actor or John Boehner as the "orange" Speaker of the House. Their race and color is irrelevant.

So, here's OJ, a black man, a household name in most of America, well liked and popular, whose star was eclipsed suddenly because of something that he allegedly did. It wasn't his race that people took exception with, it was his actions, or at least those that people imagined he did.

Why can't you modern liberals conceivably apply the same standard to the OJ of the Oval Office? Conservatives oppose the exact same policies when espoused by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid and they are white, orange and gray, respectively. Still, the same old, tired canard about race pops up in nearly every discussion. Can't we just 'cut to the chase', as it were, and get to the part where you have absolutely no argument apart from the race card? It would save ever so much time and then we could reserve the term "racist" for those few despicable folk who truly deserve it, and not just people who disagree with you politically.

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The OJ of the Oval Office

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*BTW, He still hates that joke!


  1. The race card is all they've got. You can't reason with them, and there is no point in trying.

  2. Why are you bringing this up? Did someone accuse you of racism or something?


  3. Which part of "The recent 20 year anniversary of the slow moving, white Bronco got me to thinking about O.J. Simpson..." didn't you understand?


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