Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quote du jour

"That's why Hillary needs to win. She's going after the electoral college, he's going after the community college."
-Greg Gutfeld, on Bill Clinton's rumored new mistress "Energizer"


  1. Still better than going after the Supreme Court vote, like Bush did in 2000.


  2. Ah, Jersey! If you're going to live in the past, it should at least be a reasonable facsimile of what actually happened. SCOTUS smacked down a partisan Florida supreme court which tried to rewrite election law in the middle of an election, in favor of Sore Loserman. Bush had nothing to do with it. (Other than winning the 2000 election).

    Actually you can blame Democrats for the fact that Gore never became president. If they hadn't been such gutless, spineless weenies and had voted for Clinton's impeachment, who exactly would have become president?

    Al "I'm king of the world! Watch out for that iceberg!" Gore.

    That would have also given Gore the advantage of the incumbency, plus, candidate Gore identified a number of Clinton policies Floridians didn't like, that Gore said he disagreed with. Now if Gore wasn't lying (stop laughing!) and President Gore actually implemented those policies Floridians liked, who do you think would have won Florida?

    Al "I can't see my toes, much less touch them" Gore.


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