Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stockton - In Black and White (With Red and Blue Lights)

Some small excitement this afternoon - I was driving home on Pacific Avenue when I saw a black and white police car, Code 3, pulling a u-turn, apparently the first responder to arrive on the scene of a bank robbery, blocking the parking lot and waving off a customer who was walking across the parking lot to the bank. Two more patrol cars then passed me going the other way, in the next block, and by the time I got home, I could hear a multitude of sirens. The following photo may indicate the reason why:

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The chase, with three hostages involved and bullets flying stretched from here to nearby Lodi and back, lasting nearly an hour, finally coming to a halt about a half mile north of the bank. I count over two dozen black and whites in the photo.

Two of the three hostages were shot and released, condition unknown. Reports so far: three perps, three hostages, one person shot to death - apparently a hostage shot by the robbers. Reports have shots fired at police, striking police cars and houses of bystanders.

Will update as more details are confirmed.

Update: One suspect dead, two injured. Second fatality still not confirmed, but is assumed to be one of the hostages. No update on injuries to other two hostages 5:35 PDT

Update: According to News 10, all three suspects were shot, one fatally. Two suspects taken to hospital 5:41 PDT

Update: A bullet hole or two in the stolen getaway car... 6:27PDT
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Update: According to News 10, a second suspect died of gunshot wounds 10:05 PDT
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photo via KTVU

Update: As of 8AM this morning, Thornton road was still taped off and barricaded

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At least 20 Stockton Police officers are on paid administrative leave after firing their weapons during Wednesday's fatal shootout

Update: Saturday 7/19 Report from Stockton Record that there may have been a fourth subject who dropped the robbers at the bank in a black sedan. Under the law, abetting a felonious death could make him eligible for the death penalty when apprehended.


  1. Most excitement our little town has seen in a while...


  3. I heard that yesterday. Same M.O., same branch. Plus three of the four (and probably four) of the suspects are all Norteños gang members.


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