Friday, August 8, 2014

One Last Casualty in Stockton Bank Robbery

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Last Monday, I drove by the Bank of the West branch where the robbery, chase and tragic shootout began here in Stockton last month. The first thing I noticed was the lack of cars in the parking lot. As I drove closer, it was apparent that the branch had been closed. That morning, the Record had run an interview with one of the witnesses in the bank, and the story they ran showed a sign on the door that the branch was "temporarily closed". My sister told me that she had heard a statement from the bank, that they were planning on closing the branch anyway, and this just precipitated the move.

You certainly can't blame them. The memories for those involved or a gruesome fascination of those who weren't would be an elephant in the room for anyone trying to conduct business as usual there.

There was an impromptu "shrine" in the shrubbery by the front door, with bouquets of artificial flowers left there by those commemorating those who died.

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A notice on the door directs people to the next nearest branch. Memories have begun to fade. A year from now, on a slow news day, some (all?) local TV station will run a "one year anniversary" story about it. Nothing left to be said until the surviving human vermin that committed these acts go to trial.

Hanging's too good for them.

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