Saturday, August 23, 2014

Separated at Birth?

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  1. The media image of Michael Brown is that of a halo wearing poor down trodden black boy who was persecuted by a jack booted small town police department. Some of that media know this to be a lie, but I suspect the vast majority of that elite group believe the lies they are putting forth for the public.

  2. They did the exact same thing with Trayvon Martin, constantly showing him as a 12 yr. old choir boy when the reality, like his age, had greatly changed.

    I just posted a "Separated at Birth" depicting St. Trayvon the Younger and what he had become in later life.

  3. Proof, did you notice the actions of Missouri Governor Nixon? Being a Democrat he must play to the black vote right or wrong. Without a strong black turnout in the Saint Louis area he would be toast in the next election. As for the media, it is all about politics with them too, as most are liberals and will for the most part continue to side with Democrats and that means siding with blacks no matter what.

  4. What Nixon did was inexcusable. By calling for "justice for the Brown family" rather than simply asking that justice be done, he had all but pronounced Officer Wilson guilty of murder.

    Inexcusable grandstanding and pandering on the Governor Nixon's part.