Sunday, August 24, 2014

SF 49'ers vs. San Diego Chargers

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The preseason continues...

Go Niners!

Update: Final: 49'ers 21, Chargers 7


  1. Proof, I am praying that all is well with you and yours following the earthquake that struck your area overnight. God bless you all.

    I'm pulling for the Niners today.

  2. It is a pre season game so in the spirit of marital bliss and harmony....Go Chargers!

  3. The sacrifices we make for our significant others! You have my blessing to root for the Chargers...this time!

  4. It was a nasty one, all right, but not close to me or mine. Lots of damage and fires, but no fatalities reported at this time.

    The floor of the Napa Walmart wine aisle is purple from all the broken wine bottles, so there is a danger for some of us to get glass splinters in our tongues...

    "I'm pulling for the Niners today." As well you should! Heh.

  5. I hope the reports continue to reflect no injuries. Maybe if I pull for the Niners today they will win at least one preseason game. I still don't like Kaepernick, but for you, I will root for them. God, that gives a bad taste in the mouth. Must have gelato to remedy ASAP.

    Take care Proof.