Sunday, September 21, 2014

1 & 1 Niners vs. 2 & 0 Cardinals

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Go Niners!

Update: Final - Cardinals 23, Niners 14, Penalties 8,673



  1. Is your narcissistic QB gonna lose the game for you again? I'm pulling for ya even though I DESPISE Colin. BTW, I'm rooting hard for the Broncos to pluck those damned Seahawks. The Chargers took it to 'em last week so I know it can be done. Enjoy your Sunday Proof.

  2. Cardinals are a blitzing team. If Mr. K can get some protection and the defense can put some pressure on AZ, then they've got a chance.

    Same back atcha!

  3. If, if, if....good luck anyway my friend.

  4. If wishes were fishes we'd all have a fry!

  5. Clearly, this is going to be a sad season for the Niners and fans.

  6. Well, if we can get them to knock off the penalties and actually show up for the second half, they should be fine!


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