Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Columbus Day!

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If any twit from Seattle tells you it's "Indigenous Peoples" Day, because "Columbus didn't discover Seattle", ask them if they celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July, since Seattle never declared independence from England?

Besides, what did the indigenous people do that day, other than let him in?

I normally don't make a big deal about Columbus Day. It's just another day at work for me, not being a Federale. But considering the assaults that have been mounting on poor Chris, I thought it was time to take a stand. Hence the newly minted banner and post.


  1. Being a Navigator, Columbus Day is some what a special day for me. Sort of like Talk Pirate Day.

    Columbus Day honors the explorer himself, for his many virtues. Columbus was a man of independent mind, who steadfastly pursued his bold plan for a westward voyage to the Indies despite powerful opposition

  2. Columbus, a man of courage, who set sail upon a trackless ocean with no assurance that he would ever reach land--a man of pride, who sought recognition and reward for his achievements.

  3. not sure how long this will stay posted, due to down voting

    weird comments -

  4. Columbus intrudes upon the fantasy of the Leftist's Luddite dream of man living in harmony with nature, sans technology.


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