Monday, October 20, 2014

Obama's Chickens...Redux

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New and improved, with an extra "chicken"!


  1. Just the things you turn a blind eye to when your own side does, but that cause your heads to explode when done by a Republican.

  2. Jersey, I used to think that liberals were a pretty humorless lot, but beginning your comment with "I think" is a laugh riot!

  3. Only a moron would fuss over the stupid pretend "issues" above. We have real and serious matters to tend in this mnation, and you guys' eyes are completely off the prize, like moths to a blinking, kicking neon leg on a casino sign. Pure stupidity.


  4. As an apologist for the scandals and incompetence of the Obama administration, you suck, Jersey.

    I'm sorry you do not recognize the parody on the words of Obama's racist pastor of 20 years, but if you do not believe that Obama's chickens are coming home to roost, talk to me the day after the midterm elections.

  5. Which is why Obama hired a spinmeister rather than a health professional for his Ebola Czar... Right.
    How long have you been a Benghazi denier, Jersey? Which of the three scandals surrounding Benghazi have been answered to the satisfaction of anyone other than feeble minded Democrat hacks? (But, I repeat myself)

    If you've forgotten the three scandals, have someone read this to you:

  6. Liberals are still bloviating over Watergate, Iraqi WMDs and Sore Loserman's attempts to steal the 2000 presidential election, but all are small potatoes compared to the myriad of scandals that Obama committed/participated in/ or covered up. (Aided and abetted by the curiously un-curious MSM)


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