Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quote du jour

Cultural anthropologists have positively identified Elizabeth Warren's tribe as "Chippaway".
Chip away freedom. Chip away liberty...


  1. Chip-A-Way was what the Chippewa tribes used for their casino in Bark River, Michigan

    It is now an Island Resort as they were struggling ... many sorts of fit there, no?

  2. There's an auto glass guy out here in CA who uses the name Chip a way. I'd never heard of him until I Googled the casino you mentioned. Hard to find anything new under the sun!

  3. My cuz is a casino security specialist and works there. I last went past a few years ago and it was still Chip, but was Chip In, so it has had a few names. Way back when Grandma was still alive and it was a new place, she used to kill them on the Nickel Slots.

  4. Good to know your cousin is gainfully employed, having dodged the Obama Economic Boom!


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