Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dispatches From the eXtra Loony Left

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Barbara Boxer...Bless her heart!

“What does XL stand for? To me it stands for extra lethal,”
-Sen. Barbara Boxer (Dim Bulb-Calif.)

Barbara Boxer shows the same grasp of current events that she did in balancing her checkbook in the '90s. She took to the Senate floor today to warn all of us stupid (implied, thank you, Professor Gruber!) people of the potentially fatal dangers of Keystone XL.

One small problem with that. Keystone XL is an extension of the original Keystone pipeline that was built in 2009. (See: A Tale of Two Pipelines ) If the extension is "extra lethal", perhaps she would be so kind as to list all the fatalities caused by the original, still functioning pipeline?

Don't you think if there had been any problem at all with the original Keystone pipeline, that this information wouldn't be front and center in any discussions from Keystone XL's opponents?

In fact, the pipeline is safer for human life by reducing the possibilities of disastrous oil train wrecks and removes a multitude of oil tankers from the highways of this country, lowering the odds for highway fatalities or accidents which could cause contamination. There is even a net reduction of pollution, as a pipeline moves oil through the pipeline at lower energy costs than for trucks, trains or tankers.

We cannot, however, discount the possibility that Barbara Bouncer is one of the "stupid voters" that Professor Gruber refers to. He would know...


  1. Ah, the Keystone pipeline. It's got a great name. It kinda makes you silly supporters the Keystone Cops.


  2. Jersey! You cop to being one of the "stupid voters" fooled into accepting the administration's lies about Obamacare? Are you bright enough to discern the difference between the Keystone pipeline and the Keystone XL? Or do you just want to double down on stupidity?


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