Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mr. President: There is No 'Shot Clock' in the Constitution

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President Obama and his sycophantic supporters have made the argument ad nauseum, that since the House failed to pass a certain Senate bill, within a certain amount of time, that President Obama was free to act on his own to unilaterally "fix" the immigration problem. Conservatives, however, keep bringing this "Constitution" thingy into the argument.

Where in the Constitution does it say that any particular piece of legislation passed in the Senate must be voted on in the House within a certain amount of time, or the President gets a free pass to write his own legislation? Moreover, all the faux indignation and self righteous intonation of "two whole years", "seventeen months*", or "514 days", since the Senate passed an immigration bill, completely overlooks the fact that the House did pass a number of immigration reform bills which Senator Harry Reid (Dimbulb- Searchlight) refused to bring up for a vote in the US Senate. The fact that your opponents will not necessarily vote on a bill they disagree with,  also does not give you carte blanche to do whatever you please.

Even though there is no "shot clock", "pass them or else" time limit on Senate bills, you'd think that sooner or later, the US Senate might get around to actually passing a budget. The Senate hasn't passed a budget since 2009. (That's 1851 days for all you anally retentive, math impaired Democrats). Where was the indignation over this?  Beuller?   Beuller??

And yet, and yet...mirabile dictu! I have not heard a single Republican leader tell us that because the Senate has failed to pass a budget in over five years, that they get a free pass to impose their will upon the nation!

We now return you to the relentless coverage of rioting in Ferguson by those protestors who believe that nothing says 'I want to see justice done' like burning down someone else's business and stealing someone else's stuff.

* We'll forgive math impaired Democrats for not knowing that "two years" and "seventeen months" are not the same!

Update: (Of sorts) Through some glitch in Disqus (?) some of your comments come to me as
Proof Positive: Herr Präsident: Es gibt keine 'Schuss Clock "in der Verfassung
Just in case you were wondering how my headline translates into German...

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  1. I'm glad he did something. Sure, it has huge political implications, and I'm glad for that too, but at least he did something.


  2. I may have to channel my inner William F. Buckley Jr. and say I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.

    "At least he did something" Can the bar be any lower for this president? How about Jersey McJones through history:

    FDR & the Japanese internment: "At least he did something"

    SCOTUS on Dredd Scott: "At least they did something"

    Obama "Barrycading" the WWII veterans' memorial: "At least he did something"

    The "something" he did was, after shedding big crocodile tears about how long he's waited, refused to wait just another 30 days for a newly constituted Congress, elected by the will of the American people, to pass a version of bipartisan immigration reform that might actually come to his desk where he might have to veto it, and put the lie to all his supposedly bipartisan posturing about immigration.

    Jersey: You and your friends set the bar so low for this guy, future presidents will have to dig a deep hole just to step over it. But, thanks for stopping by. At least you did something!

  3. Sorry, let me rephrase - at least he did something good.


  4. Nah. I think you got it right the first time!

  5. If you despise the United States, then of course you see actions designed to cause the denizens of Central America's jungles dumped wholesale into this country and distributed by a corrupt Executive branch to be "good".

    Otherwise, you'd have to be a drooling retard to find anything "good" in this rampant criminality.

  6. Jersey's not a drooler. He has consumed so much of the Kool-Aid over the years, that maybe a little dribbles from the corner of his mouth from time to time!

  7. Ah! You may be speaking his language!


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