Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lackluster SF 49's vs 11-4 Cardinals

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You've already seen the best part of the game. Oh, well...go Niners!

Update: Final - 49er's 20, Cardinals 17

And a probable farewell to coach Jim Harbaugh.


  1. I know you'd prefer for your 7-8 Niners to win today. I'll help you root for them. I've got my Angry Kitties in a "winner-takes-all" game in the worst conference in the NFL. If the furballs start losing, I will watch instead the battle between the Lions and my lifetime faves the Green Bay Packers.

    Good luck!

  2. These girls could out play the 49ers. humm, that sounds like fun.

  3. Especially when they get their backfield in motion.

  4. Same back atcha! I'll be rooting for the Pack as well.