Monday, December 29, 2014

Quote du jour

Yes, the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown are unfortunate and worthy of discussion, but will Chuck Todd and the rest of the chattering classes spare a moment to address the deaths of Scott Patrick, Joseph Dunn, Michael Pimentel, Geniel Amaro-Fantauzzi, Daryl Pierson, Nickolaus Schultz, Jason Harwood, Joseph Matuskovic, Bryon Dickson, Michael Norris, Joe Naylor, Danny Oliver, Michael Davis, Eugene Kostiuchenko, Jesse Valdez, Shaun Diamond, David Payne, Robert White, Matthew Chism, Justin Winebrenner, Christopher Smith, and Edwin Roman-Acevedo?

Who are these men, you ask, and what happened to them? They are the 22 American police officers murdered just since the day Eric Garner died. There were 33 others killed earlier in the year. Don’t look for any of their widows to appear on Meet the Press.
-Jack Dunphy


  1. That's what a police state will get ya'.


  2. Ah, Jersey! You bleat mindlessly about a "police state", but how does anything that Officer Dunphy said imply or refer to a "police state"?