Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Pen and a Phony

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Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art


  1. Enjoy the State of the Union without me.

  2. If I were him, I'd veto it too. Screw the GOP's favorite special interests. It's not like it's something we actually need.


  3. You should at least join us for the drinking game. I've got one I'm going to post pretty soon that will make the SOTU bearable for all.

  4. Jobs for unions and working people is a GOP special interest? You started the SOTU drinking game without us, didn't you?
    Obama's State Dept estimates 42,000 high paying jobs. Not the part time burger flipping jobs the administration has been creating. (Channeling my inner liberal, now) Why do you hate working people, Jersey?

    The pipeline is safer, will cause fewer accidents and deaths than the way the Democrats' donor special interests do it now. Plus, the oil refineries add value to the crude oil, creating wealth that can be taxed to provide welfare benefits and food stamps. (Channeling my inner liberal) Why do you hate poor people and hungry children, Jersey?

    The pipeline would be a part of America's energy independence. Who are you, or the Leech-in-Chief for that matter, to say that 42,000 people don't need jobs? Or that people along rail lines don't need to be safer?

    And perhaps the dirtiest secret of all, the pipeline has a smaller carbon footprint for transporting oil than we currently use. Why do you hate clean air and water, Jersey???


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